How to take care of imported marble flooring

How to take care of imported marble flooring

So you finally own a dream house with the choicest fittings and fixtures to match that awesome Italian marble flooring. You have gone to great lengths to get the perfectly beautiful natural slabs across your living area. That’s wonderful!

But, the important part starts now and that is maintenance because this natural beauty requires special care and attention to retain its good looks! Especially in case of stains!

It’s not very difficult as it sounds it’s just that you have to keep some basic things in mind before you start cleaning stains on the marble.

Basically understand this that marble is a close relative of limestone, so it has alkaline tendencies and is also porous. That means you need to be careful about not using any acidic cleaning agents or strong detergents because that will cause abrasion to its surface. It should only be cleaned with PH natural, gentle cleaners.

The first thing you should do if you happen to spill anything on marble is try and dab away the stain with some warm water and soft cloth. If the stain is adamant then you can opt for mild soap solution or a solution of hydrogen peroxide mixed with a few drops of ammonia to remove it. Try it out at some safe corner in the room to ensure it’s not etching the surface.

At home there’s a distinct possibility of spilling or staining of the floor, countertops or sills due to fruit juices, carbonated beverages, wine, oil, ink, food etc. You can try the above method which should usually be helpful. But if the stain refuses to vanish, do go ahead and seek professional help.

Apart from stains you should maintain your precious stone regularly. Dusting is something which is easily doable and a must do! Polishing it periodically to retain its shine is also advisable.

In the end it’s the small things you do that matter in the long run!

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