Get floored by vitrified tiles!

Get floored by vitrified tiles!

Technically vitrified tiles are ceramic tiles with very low porosity and ideally absorb less than 3% moisture.  They are an alternative to marble and granite flooring. Vitreous tiles are made from clay mixtures that are pressed into shape and fired at extremely high temperatures. This turns the tile to liquid and fuses it together like glass.

Earlier used only for kitchens and bathrooms due to a low moisture absorption rate, vitreous tile designs have developed in quality and aesthetics and are now widely used in residential and commercial settings. Durable, non-slip surfaces and sleek look make them a preferred choice.

In addition to flooring, vitreous tiles can be used for vertical surfaces as well. They can be designed into colorful, aesthetically-pleasing mosaics.

They are available in various types like:
– Double charge vitrified tiles that are suitable for heavy traffic commercial projects
– Full body vitrified tiles that are a bit costlier owing to inclusion of pigment in the entire body of the tile making chips and scratches less noticeable.
– Glazed vitrified tiles have a glazed surface. They come in a wide range of designs and textures.
– Screen and digitally printed vitrified tiles.

The main benefits of vitrified tiles are – they are stain resistant, easy to clean, strong, sturdy and long lasting. Owing to this they are a popular choice over natural stones like marble and granite. Though the cost is on the higher side compared to regular tiles, if one considers the benefits and longevity they are a wonderful choice and give good value for money!

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